Here at Hingston Metal we have 4 fabrication bays each with two 5 ton overhead cranes. a 80’ x 30’ wide x 20’ tall sandblast bay, an 80’ x 30’ wide x 20’ tall paint bay complete with fully functional paint booth for a total of 20,000 square feet which sits on 8 acres and provides a large outdoor storage yard.

Delivery Trucks & Yard Equipment:

We have a 4 ton capacity 16 ft flatbed truck which is used for various deliveries and pick-ups. We also have a full size 8ft box single cab pick up and 3 extended cab pick ups that are used for general purpose.

On site we have two 5 ton cranes for moving material, or load/off-loading trucks.  To compliment that we also have a 6 ton tow motor and a skid steer equipped with a bucket and forks to aid in the moving off material as well as loading/off loading trucks.

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